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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gentleman Start Your Engines!

There is an excitement building in my house today....NASCAR! I have a little boy who is obsessed with racing and SPEED! He simply loves everything and since about the age of 4 can tell you the drivers name, his vehicle number, his sponsor and his team- amazing! Patrick is a little sponge he loves to learn and understand things to the fullest. Last September Josh took Patrick to his first NASCAR race at Dover, Delaware. To say he was excited would be a major understatement! Josh and Patrick had a blast and I think this is a great thing that they can share together and bond over. Today they are headed out to Dover, Delaware to watch the Nationwide Series race today. They will have two friends joining them and they are super excited. I cannot wait to get pictures back and see how much fun they had. These pictures are from last years experience. I cannot get over how much Patrick looks like his Grandpa Bohnart in this picture with him sitting on the right! Josh said he just loved it all! Here is hoping for a great time today and super fun, clean racing Boys!

Jennifer :)

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