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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's coming together....

Okay my last post was of my craft space/office that needed to be unpacked, organized and somehow put together!  HUGE task!  Let me first give you a little back story......

House hunting back in April was quite the process.  You start off with a list of wants, needs, desires...you all have been there you know the drill.  Soon the list and my expectations needed to shift a little.  No pool in the backyard- okay, no huge bonus room for the kiddos/me- okay BUT need to figure out a plan to balance everyone's needs and make the new house work.  So over the course a few months I needed to convince my loving/amazing hubby that the office needed to be MINE!  Of course that took some serious negotiating and at times me being a brat saying "Well- you got your 3 car garage I can put all your plaques and accolades in there!"  I think over time he started to get it and realized...he goes to work everyday...would he really use the office?!?  Once we moved in I started laying the ground work slowly but surely and he came over to my side!  BUT there was a custody agreement- his beloved pictures and memorabilia from each assignment needed a home......

So one half is his side and the other is all mine!  And the other part of the story was that I was initially afraid that my Beloved PotteryBarn Craft Table/Desk would not fit.  In fact I sorta tried to sell before we left Virginia.  Thankfully Josh told me one night not to sell it and that we could make it work....see I already was winning and I didn't even know it!  HA!

I am pretty much all set up and out of the 3 homes that I have had since having my own designated space.....I have to say this is my FAVORITE!!!!  And I LOVE, LOve, LOVE our new home and really hope we can be here for awhile!!!

So here are some pics of my Space put together...I know over time I was tweak and ADD to it but I am really happy with the progress.  Plus I actually made some cards yesterday!!!!

Creatively Yours,
Jennifer  :-)

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