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Thursday, March 31, 2011

look closely!

Hi Blogging Friends,
     Yes I am still alive and sorry that my blog has taken a backseat but that is the way things are these days.  We found out where we are moving officially and it has inspired us to start the house hunting process....tick- tick as I wait Patiently(or not so patienly) for Spring Break.

Drumrolll...........we are headed to Tampa, FL!!!!!  trading my closed toed shoes in for some super cute FLIP FLOPS!  :-)  We are excited for our adventure but this military mamma and wife has lots to plan!  And for those that know me- I am not a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl.  Lots of planning, information gathering and then making sure all the basics and necessities do not get overlooked.  It is one SERIOUS logistical mess!  :-)  and at times gives me a big headache!

But thankfully my dear hubby is the roll with the punches- take it easy- it will all fall into place type of person when it comes to moving and reminds me this constantly plus reminds me to breathe!  :-)

April is a great sale special if you LOVE Level One Kits and I SURE DO!  They are great for fast scrapbooking or think outside the box and make some cute cards or even take it further and use it to help alter a craft project with our mycreations binder or mycreations albums- possibilities are endless!!!  I am sad to let you know that these great kits are going to be discontinued soon and no longer apart of the CTMH lineup.  :(  So if you love them like me....make sure to stock up before they are gone and you are really sorry!!!!!

take a look closely.....that is my Ireland in the layout with Patrick playing at the beach!  
I was BEYOND thrilled when I saw this layout....never would have thought of our beautiful Veranda papers for a beach layout- just perfect!

Here is the scoop on the special:

Sale runs April 1- April 30th, 2011

When you place an order of $100 US / $115 CAN or more on a MyCTMH® website during April, you can choose one free My Reflections® Level 1 kit from a selection of great kits.

Passages Level 1 Kit (X7126A)
Perfect Day Level 1 Kit (X7100A)
Splendor Level 1 Kit (X7124A)
Sweet Home Level 1 Kit (X7116A)
Topstitch Level 1 Kit (X7120A)
Veranda Level 1 Kit (X7119A)
Zippidee Level 1 Kit (X7125A)

I am here to help assist you in your purchase or crafting projects- just give me a hollar!


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